Android One Phones to Be First Wave of Devices to Get New Android M Update

by Carlo Ople  February 17, 2015

Android Lollipop is now Passe?! Lol. Android M coming soon!
Android Lollipop is now Passe?! Lol. Android M coming soon!

Android M!

No less than Caesar Sengupta, Vice President, Product Management of Google, was here in the Philippines to launch Android One. Prior to his keynote, he sat down with a few members of the press and had a chat with us about the direction and vision for Android One. He dropped a few bombs that will definitely encourage a lot of Filipinos to consider buying an Android One device over your other smartphones running custom Android versions.

One of the biggest news bits? Android One phones, like the Cherry Mobile One and the MyPhone Uno, will be the first wave of devices to get the newest Android software update, Android M. What does M mean and what are the features it will bring? We have no idea, haha! We’ll definitely dig deeper into this though and research so we can give you guys an advanced primer.

Caesar Sengupta, VP Product Management, Google
Caesar Sengupta, VP Product Management, Google

Google’s promise of consistent and fast Android software updates is the key selling point of the Android One line-up. If the software updates are as good as we’re hoping them to be, we can expect that Android One devices will be hot sellers.

More on our interview with Caesar in our next few posts!

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    Do not buy android one phones .. google keeps lying.. They said android one devices will be the first to get lollipop update , but here in India we haven’t got the update even after 4 months has passed .. Don’t get cheated Philippines… If you think am lying , Google about android one updates in India
    Huwag bumili ng android isang telepono .. google Pinapanatiling nakahiga .. sinabi nila android device isa ay maging una na makakuha ng update lolipap, ngunit dito sa Indya hindi pa namin nakuha ang update kahit na matapos ang 4 buwan lumipas .. Huwag makakuha ng ginulangan Pilipinas … Kung sa tingin mo ako namamalagi, ang Google tungkol sa android-update sa isa sa Indya

    first and foremost sir, if your bitter because you feel that your company was left out due to the updates well so sorry for you but please don’t spread your negative vibes here. Secondly, if you have done your research then clearly you would know that 5.0 had tons of bugs, which is why when the android one devices came to the philippines it was already version 5.1, the .1 was basically to deal with all the bugs, so if you bought yours while it was still in Kitkat mode then it just basically means during those times 5.0 was still in its buggy stage. Next time do a little research first and please for crying out loud please comment on your people’s site. us Filipino’s are pretty much happy with what we have, unlike you people who’s always hungry to get the next best thing then complains afterwards!


    I am another android one user from India ….just to inform everyone that google promised on jan 4th that people will start receiving lollipop update soon.
    ..its march 21st today and I am still on kitkat…if the android 5.1 is stable why its not available to ppl in India over ota…also the hardware is same as what ppl in phillipines are getting…believe me in India too google promised that we android one user will be first one to get updates …but it was a lie…its 5 month now and we are still waiting for lollipop update…

    Hi Pinoy Avenger,

    Let’s not talk about country here…respect other culture please…we are giving our genuine advice about the lies…don’t take it personally if you are not google employee.

    I think you better check the system updates. Mine is Android 5.1 out of the box, which is branded as MyPhone Uno, Mocromax A1’s “twin”.