ASUS to Launch ZenFone 8 on May 12

While ASUS is more focused on the ROG Phone these days, the Taiwanese brand still has the ZenFone series available in some countries. In fact, ASUS is set to launch the ZenFone 8 on May 12, based on its special event page.

While the “Big in Performance” implies that the ZenFone 8 will get a Snapdragon 888 processor, the “Compact in Size” draws in an interesting feature point. Most–if not all–flagships are usually big, and the ZenFone 8 might be one of the few to be smaller than your typical flagship phone. This would also mean a a departure from the flip camera design of the ZenFone 6 and ZenFone 7

The ZenFone 6. ASUS has not brought a single ZenFone to the Philippines for two years, with the ZenFone 5 being the last one.

There are little details about the ZenFone 8 for now. From what is being reported, there will be at least two models–one being called a ZenFone 8 Mini–and that it is expected to have at least 8GB RAM based on GeekBench listings.

For its features, all ZenFone 8 models are expected to have OLED displays with a Full HD+ resolution and 120hz refresh rate. As for the display size, the ZenFone 8 Mini will reportedly have a 5.9-inch display, while the vanilla/Pro model will have a 6.65-inch display. For the cameras, there will be a 64-megapixel IMX 686 main camera and a yet-to-be-announced IMX 663 sensor–which might be the module for the ultra-wide-angle camera. To wrap up the rumors, all ZenFone 8 phones will come with 30w wired charging.

While ASUS will be holding a global launch of the ZenFone 8 series on May 12, there’s no word if the Taiwanese tech brand will make it available in the Philippines. The last ZenFone sold locally was the ZenFone 5 series in 2018, and ASUS did not make the ZenFone 7 and 8 available at our shores.

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