Atari is Making its Official Comeback with the Atari VCS

While a big majority of the gaming population is so excited to get the PlayStation 5 or XBox Series X, there’s an unexpected player that wants the attention from videogame fans.

Yes, boys and girls, Atari is back.

Being one of the pioneers of videogame consoles like the Home Pong and Atari 2600, Atari is making a comeback in the videogame console scene with the Atari VCS. With design cues inspired by the Atari 2600, the Atari VCS is a 2020 videogame console through and through. Powering the console is a Ryzen CPU and Radeon GPU with 8GB of expandable RAM. With those internals the Atari VCS is capable of running games in 4K HDR.

As a modern console, you get broad connectivity options like two USB-A 3.0 ports, Ethernet, HDMI, WiFi, and Bluetooth. You also get two controllers: a nostalgic-inducing Atari Classic Joystick and an Atari Modern Controller that reminds us of an XBox controller.

The Atari VCS runs on Linux and comes preloaded with over 100 classic Atari games and current titles from various game studios. It also has an in-house app store of sorts for downloading additional video games and applications, like video streaming apps, music players and web browsers. If that’s not enough, the Atari VCS has a PC Mode, letting you install Windows through a bootable external USB drive and use PC peripherals.

If those features are enough to interest you, the Atari VCS can be pre-ordered online for $390(~Php 19k), making it priced competitively against its two rivals from Microsoft and Sony.

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