SM Reveals Possible Price of PlayStation 5

SM Reveals Possible Price of PlayStation 5

As Sony recently gave a statement that they are preparing for the launch of the much-awaited PlayStation 5 in the Southeast Asia region including the Philippines, SM North EDSA posted the possible price of the PlayStation 5 in their Holiday 2020 catalog on Facebook.

In its catalog, SM North EDSA posted a photo of the digital version of the PlayStation 5, also indicating that the price is around Php 24.2k. While US pricing for the digital and standard versions of the PlayStation 5 is at $399 and $499 respectively, it will make sense that SM posted the price for the digital version. This is because local pricing is expected to be more expensive due to customs and duties.

Another possibility is that SM’s indicated price might include a special bundle of sorts for the PlayStation 5—which is also plausible as SM’s way of generating more sales for the PlayStation 5. Given that both the PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X are slated to become available this holiday season, it will not be that long until we get to know official details about their local availability. 

With the only difference between the regular and digital version of the Playstation 5 is the presence of an optical drive in the former, a $100 (~Php 4.9k) savings can mean a lot to a customer who would rather spend that money for accessories or digital copies of debut PlayStation 5 titles.

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