Cherry Adds Smart Blood Pressure Monitor to its IoT Lineup

Cherry Adds Smart Blood Pressure Monitor to its IoT Lineup

In its push to makes IoT products accessible to Filipinos, Cherry adds another product to its portfolio with the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor that can help in checking one’s health and wellness. This IoT product features a 4.3-inch, 4-color backlit LCD display and has a claimed measuring accuracy of +/-3mm Hg for blood pressure reading and +/-5% for pulse reading. Blood Pressure measurement is done using an Oscillometric method, with everything done using the included automatic cuff.

Powering the Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is 4 AAA batteries or DC power, and has Bluetooth connectivity to seamlessly connect to your phone  Cherry’s IoT Solutions app. Through the app, users can track their daily blood pressure readings, set reminders and more. It has a 2×99 Memory for its users, along with alerts for Irregular Heartbeat detection to help prevent some serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke.

The Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is priced at Php 3,499 and is available through Cherry Shop, Lazada, and Shopee. For their other smart home products, you can also check out their Smart Monitoring Starter Kit, which covers all the basics in building a smart home at a starting price of just Php 2.3k for the indoor kit.

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