The GFX100S II is the Lightest GFX Camera to Date

The GFX100S II is the Lightest GFX Camera to Date

Aside from the X-T50, Fujifilm also unveiled the GFX100S II at its X-Summit Event in Sydney. An update to the original GFX100S from 2021, the GFX100S II retains its reputation as a compact medium-format camera that uses a new 102-megapixel high-speed sensor that’s paired with Fujifilm’s X-Processor 5. The updated internals now give the GFX100S II a base ISO of 80.With a weight of 883g for the body, the GFX100S II is not just compact: it is also the lightest GFX series camera to date.

Just like Fujifilm’s recent releases, the GFX100S II also benefits from AI-based subject detection, which is paired with 7FPS continuous shooting speed. The GFX100S II’s IBIS has been updated, being able to now compensate for up to 8 stops with its five-axis design. Just like its bigger sibling, you get 20 film simulation modes including Reala Ace, along with Pixel Shift Multi-Shot, which takes 16 RAW files to create a huge 400-megapixel image.

When it comes to video recording, the GFX100S II is different from the GFX100 II since you’re still limited to 4K recording at 30FPS. You still get some upgrades: base ISO for videos is now at 100, and you can make good use of tracking AF for improved focusing accuracy with your subject.

The Fujifilm GFX100S II is priced at Php 329,990 in the Philippines.

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