Galaxy S20+ Scores 118 in DxOMark

Beats iPhone 11 Pro Max by one point

After reviewing the Galaxy S20 Ultra a few weeks back, DxOMark took the middle-child Galaxy S20+ for its battery of tests, and gave it a score of 118. That makes the Galaxy S20+ part of DxOMark’s top 10 and even outperforms the iPhone 11 Pro Max by one point.

For the photo category, the Galaxy S20+’s main camera delivered accurate exposure and white balance. DxOMark noted that the Galaxy S20+ has a faster autofocus speed compared to the more expensive Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Galaxy S20+ has one of the best ultra-wide-angle cameras for its price range thanks to its wide field of view, well-controlled geometric distortion, accurate exposure, and pleasant colors.

As for videos, the Galaxy S20+ is a consistent performer with accurate exposure, well-saturated color, and reliable autofocus. Dynamic range is limited on the Galaxy S20+ on high-contrast conditions, but DxOMark did not notice any highlight or shadow clipping.

Check out DxOMark’s full review here.

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