The GoPro Hero 9 Black Finally Gets a Second Color Display

The GoPro Hero 9 Black Finally Gets a Second Color Display

GoPro is back with the 9th generation of its Hero action camera. Called the Hero 9 Black, GoPro’s latest action camera marks a big update over last year’s Hero 8 Black—and we’re not just talking about that second color display that you can use for framing shots. Even with a $50 price hike, there’s much to like about the Hero 9 Black.

Let’s run them down for you:

Those displays. As a response to the design of rival DJI’s Osmo Action, GoPro is finally adding a secondary 1.4-inch color display on the Hero 9 Black. Having a color display means users can frame their selfies better with the Hero 9 Black. Aside from that, the rear display gets a bump in size, which is now a 2.27-inch touchscreen panel.

5K video recording. With the Hero 9 Black getting a higher-resolution 20-megapixel sensor, it can now record at 5K resolution, though you are capped at 30FPS. 4K video recording is still at up to 60FPS, and you still get all of the features of the Hero 8 Black: Hypersmooth image stabilization, TimeWarp hyperlapse shooting, SuperPhoto HDR image processing, NightLapse video, and LiveBurst.

More juice to boot. While it is bigger and heavier than the Hero 8 and Hero 7 (heck, it is even heavier than the Max), GoPro equipped the Hero 9 Black with a bigger 1720mAh battery, which is still removable. GoPro claims that battery life on the Hero 9 Black is 30% better, though you have to consider that the second color display and 5K video recording can take a toll on battery life.

The lens is removable. With the Hero 9 Black, GoPro brought back the removable lens so that you can use Max Lens mod attachment. Priced at $100(~Php 4.9k), this new attachment further widens the Hero 9 Black’s FOV in case you want to shoot ultra-wide-angle scenes.

While the Hero 9 Black is priced at $450(~Php 21.8k), those living stateside can get it for $350 when purchased with a 1-year GoPro Plus subscription. The subscription service offers unlimited cloud storage, total camera replacement, and discounts on select GoPro gear. Don’t get too excited about the latter two, as they come with several caveats—one of them is that the total camera replacement does not cover the Philippines.

In the Philippines, Abenson lists the Hero 9 Black with a price of Php 26,490.

The Hero 9 Black is available now in the US, with the Max Lens mod available next month.


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