Here’s the Future of Displays According to LG

Aside from QNED Mini LED TVs, a key highlight of LG’s CES 2021 showcase is its various concepts for OLED panels, giving us a preview of how OLED panels will be utilized in the future. The showcase presents various concepts ranging from transparent TVs, bendable displays. Here are the concepts LG presented:

Smart Bed Transparent OLED. Instead of having a TV mounted on your wall, LG envisions a transparent OLED that pops out from the foot of your bed. It can be raised to various heights depending on its function, which can range from showing information like time and weather to being able to play media on it.

Smart window Transparent OLED. To make subway commutes more interesting, LG envisions windows that also function as a display to show transit info and other value added information like destination highlights–all while being able to enjoy the view from the outside.

Smart restaurants. When it comes to food, LG also visualizes another use case for its transparent OLED. In this use case, customers can check menu items or watch videos while being able to see the chef behind preparing their food. Complimenting the transparent OLED is a large touchscreen panel below it for selecting menu items, videos to watch, or calling the chef.

Bendable gaming displays. While this concept does not use a transparent OLED panel, this one showcases a display that can bend at up to 1000m. The idea of having a bendable display is for the OLED to adapt to the user’s needs: flat panel for viewing content and curved panel for a more immersive gaming experience. Aside from having as 120hz variable refresh rate, this second version is thinner at 0.6mm vs the earlier prototype which is 9mm thick.

Cinematic displays (with sound). While LG is known for its huge OLED displays, this 88-inch 8K concept TV is unique as it can deliver cinematic-like sound through vibrations–no need for speakers.

BONUS: Smaller OLED TVs are coming soon. For those who want to get LG’s OLED TVs but find them too big, LG announced that they are working on a 42-inch OLED TV as a more affordable option. In addition, LG is working on a new 83-inch OLED panel and a next-generation 77-inch OLED evo panel that is brighter and has higher luminosity than previous models.

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