LG to Unveil QNED TVs for CES 2021

With CES being a known event for showcasing new TV tech, LG is expected to debut its new line of TVs that utilize Mini LEDs. Dubbed as QNED, LG’s Mini LED TVs will occupy its high-end TV line alongside OLED TVs.

The said line will offer TVs as large as 86-inches, refresh rates of up to 120hz, and resolutions as high as 8K. Unlike OLED TVs, Mini LED TVs will have better lighting control and contrast through incorporating technologies like quantum dot and NanoCell.

LG’s Mini LED backlighting comprises of around 30,000 tiny LEDs that have up to 2,500 dimming zones and new local dimming technology.

LG’s 86-inch 8K QNED TV will be on display in LG’s virtual exhibition booth during CES 2021 starting January 11.


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