Here’s your Second Chance at Getting the PlayStation 5 for Retail

Are you still bitter about not being able to get the PlayStation 5 last December for retail? Here’s some good news: retailers like Datablitz announced that they will be holding a second wave of online pre-orders for both the regular and digital version of the PlayStation 5 on January 22.

Just like last time, the pre-order period will be from 2:00pm to 2:05pm, so you better have fast reflexes and a reliable internet connection to ensure that you can cop Sony’s latest gaming console for retail. We hope this time that retailers have addressed issues like the use of bots and hoarding to avoid the same fiasco as last time.

Aside from Datablitz, Game One PH, Sony Philippines, SM Appliance Center, and iTech also announced their second wave of pre-orders, which is also happening on the same day and at the same time period.

To keep you excited, check out our unboxing of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition below:

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