HONOR Opens Android 15 Beta to Magic6 Pro and Magic V2

HONOR Opens Android 15 Beta to Magic6 Pro and Magic V2

Google has recently unveiled Android 15 at this year’s I/O conference, and HONOR is one of the first brands to offer Android 15 Beta with the Magic6 Pro and the Magic V2. This show’s HONOR being proactive when it comes to giving the latest Android updates to its phones–specifically with its flagship devices.


Android 15 in a nutshell is more of an iterative update, focusing on privacy. One of the new features is Private Space, which lets you create a separate space to keep sensitive apps away from prying eyes. There’s also an SDK sandbox, where you can prevent third-party apps from collecting any sensitive information or user data from you.

Other new features present with Android 15 Beta 2 include an “automatically turn on again tomorrow” setting for Bluetooth, a revamped authentication panel, a reorganized Security and Privacy settings panel, a Hearing Device tile on the Quick Settings Panel, and a redesigned volume panel.

Aside from HONOR, other phones that are confirmed to get Android 15 Beta include the following:

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