Huawei, OPPO in a Race for First Smartphone with 10x Lossless Zoom

by Duey Guison  December 26, 2018

Pushing the boundaries of smartphone cameras

Back in MWC 2017, OPPO presented a then-new camera technology where smartphones can achieve a 5x lossless zoom through the use of two cameras. While OPPO did not launch an actual phone with the said tech, the idea eventually materialized when Huawei introduced its 5x hybrid zoom tech with the triple rear camera-sporting P20 Pro.

Instead of going for a periscope approach like what OPPO did, Huawei used a mix of a 3x telephoto camera, the main 40-megapixel camera, and AI tricks to achieve a lossless 5x zoom. The same approach was implemented as well with the Mate 20 Pro.

As we approach 2019, both Huawei and OPPO are at an arms race in unveiling the first smartphone with 10x lossless zoom. Renders of the P30 Pro reveal its quad rear camera setup. Aside from the rumored 38-megapixel main camera, one of the main highlights of the P30 Pro’s setup is a telephoto module capable of 10x lossless zoom. No details have been revealed yet.

OPPO is also competitive, as it is working on a 10x optical zoom solution for the upcoming R19. While there are no leaks and renders as of the moment, OPPO plans to unveil its cutting-edge tech in time for MWC 2019–giving them the chance to beat Huawei to the finish line since the P30 series is slated for a March 2019 launch.

Regardless of who is the first to unveil a 10x lossless zoom tech, what matters more is how they are going to implement it in a smartphone’s slim frame.

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