Infinix GT 20 Pro Gaming Test: Pound-for-Pound Champ

Infinix GT 20 Pro Gaming Test: Pound-for-Pound Champ

Mid-range phones are getting more powerful these days, and the GT 20 Pro sets itself apart as a rare gaming phone in the said segment. Beyond its gamer looks, the GT 20 Pro offers an incredible price-to-performance ratio with its under Php 16k price tag. It’s the most affordable phone to come with the tried-and-tested Dimensity 8200 processor and has both hardware and software features to solidify the GT 20 Pro as a gaming device.

To see the GT 20 Pro’s gaming credentials, we used it to play four popular (and demanding) titles in the market and see how well it can run them at the highest graphics settings.


Testing methodology

All four games are tested using the highest possible graphics settings. 60FPS is enabled for Genshin Impact and Wuthering Waves, while we went for 120FPS with Mobile Legends: Bangbang and PUBG Mobile. All games are played on the GT 20 Pro in Full HD+ resolution, and all metrics are recorded using GameBench.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL-PH) chose the GT 20 Pro as their official phone for a good reason: it’s a rare mid-range phone that enables 120FPS gameplay. The GT 20 Pro proved its worth, as we were averaging 118FPS with an excellent 96% overall stability. This shows that you get extra smooth gameplay with the GT 20 Pro, and those extra frames are important for nailing those crucial, game-changing moments.


PUBG Mobile

Most mid-range phones would normally run PUBG Mobile at 40FPS, but that’s not the case with the GT 20 Pro. With graphics set to HDR, we were able to utilize Extreme FPS mode, which pushed the game to run at 60FPS. The experience was very enjoyable, as we got a consistent 60FPS average with a perfect 100% stability. That means the GT 20 Pro gave us a buttery smooth, lag-free experience with PUBG Mobile.

If you want to push the game to 120FPS (aka Ultra Extreme), you’ll need to set graphics to Smooth and enable eSports mode. With this setting, we were getting an average FPS of 119FPS at 98% stability, which shows that the GT 20 Pro is a eSports-ready phone.


Genshin Impact

This open-world RPG is our go-to for gaming tests, as it is a popular title that pushes phones to their limits. While we’re confident that the Dimensity 8200 can run the game smoothly, Infinix’s approach with the GT 20 Pro shows better optimization: setting the graphics to the highest possible and enabling 60FPS, we were able to run Genshin Impact at 58FPS with an impressive 80% stability. This shows that the GT 20 Pro punches way above its class as a rare mid-range phone that can push Genshin Impact to its maximum FPS.


Wuthering Waves

We’ve included Wuthering Waves for our gaming test, as the title is notorious for being demanding due to optimization issues. Most mid-range phones have a hard time running this game properly, and the GT 20 Pro proves otherwise: setting graphics to medium with FSR and 45FPS mode enabled, we were averaging 37FPS at 84% stability. That’s a good number given the optimization issues with the game–and considering the GT 20 Pro’s pricing.

If you want to push performance further, enabling eSports mode gives use better numbers while running the game at advanced graphics with FSR and 60FPS mode enabled: we got an average of 50FPS at 88% stability, which is incredible considering that the GT 20 Pro is priced at under Php 20k.


Final Thoughts

True to its reputation, the GT 20 Pro is indeed a pound-for-pound champ for mid-range gaming phones. Beyond the looks, the GT 20 Pro has the right hardware and software to push demanding titles to their limit while delivering enjoyable gameplay at the same time.

The GT 20 Pro is priced at Php 15,999 and has an early bird price of Php 13,999. It is available on Lazada, Shopee, and TikTok Shop.



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