iPhone 4S Showdown: Smart vs Globe Ep 3. (Katipunan)

iPhone 4S Showdown: Smart vs Globe Ep 3. (Katipunan)

Will Globe make a comeback? Let's see!

iPhone 4S Showdown goes to Katipunan

We received a lot of requests for us to do the speedtests in areas with schools. Because of that we decided to hit Katipunan last night for our next round of speedtests. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit University Belt as well by tomorrow so we can have them included in our next update. For now though I’m happy to share with everyone our speed tests for 4 areas in Katipunan.

Before we get to the results here are the test parameters:

We used two postpaid lines (Globe and Smart). These are unlocked iPhone 4S units secured independently by Unbox. Note that this test cannot be 100% conclusive since there are tons of factors that can affect mobile data speed like congestion and weather. Just take this for what it is: a barrage of speed tests that can hopefully help you make an informed decision on which telco you’ll pick. This is important since you’re signing up for a 2-year deal for this phone.

Here are our test parameters:

  • Speedtest iOS app is our main measurement tool.
  • DL speed has more priority than UL speed. However if DL speeds are too close to call we will look at the UL speeds as well and Ping.
  • Server is set to Hong Kong to make sure of telco neutrality in the results.

Here’s the video:

Here’s the summary just in case you don’t want to watch the full video:

2-2! It's a tie.

By the way when we were parked along Katipunan (naka Hazzard) we were approached by policemen during our speedtests and they asked if we were doing anything illegal. Lol. Fun times.

“Speedtests don’t work. Use other methods.”

We received a lot of requests asking us to do a different way of measuring speed. We’re sticking right now to Speedtests because it’s the easiest to do for us which means we get to cover more areas. However we did do some Youtube streams to test as well. Let me share with you guys the iPhone 4S (Smart vs Globe) Youtube Stream Showdown that we did in Metrowalk. The results of the streaming are consistent with the Speedtests. Check out the video below. 🙂

As you can see above the results of the Youtube streaming match the data presented in the speedtest. The faster PING and DL rate of the white iPhone 4S made it stream the video faster than the black iPhone 4S which had lower PING and DL results.

More speed tests coming soon

We’re hoping to hit other areas in the next few days like Makati and University Belt. To those who want to request for speed tests in their areas please just leave a comment below and we’ll try to accomodate it during the weekend.

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