Laptop of the Future? Spacetop Features 100-inch Virtual Display

Laptop of the Future? Spacetop Features 100-inch Virtual Display

Aside from being more powerful, laptops are getting bigger as well. While we got used to 15-inch laptops, these days 16-inch and 17-inch models are slowly becoming common–and there are even 18-inch laptops as well. But what if you STILL want the portability of a laptop, but desire a huge display–maybe something that has a 100-inch display? That may sound insane, but through the power of augmented reality (AR), Spacetop has found a way to make a laptop that can project a 100-inch display anywhere–without the need for walls.

While the main laptop is approximately the size of a 13-inch model, the show’s main star is the AR glasses, which play an essential role in projecting a large 100-inch display that’s only viewable through the user. That means one’s privacy is ensured when using this AR laptop.

That’s how you will look when using the Spacetop AR Laptop.


Aside from the AR glasses, you do have a 5-megapixel camera placed behind the keyboard, where you can attend the meetings while wearing the AR glasses–which, by the way, look like your regular pair of sunglasses. The AR glasses are made by Nreal and have a 53-degree FOV, 1080p per eye resolution, and 6 degrees of freedom. You also get speakers and a microphone with it.

How the Spacetop AR Laptop looks without the fancy virtual display.


As much as we like an idea of a portable device that can give you your 100-inch personal display anywhere, we still wonder how it will work in real life. There are few details about the key specs of the Spacetok AR Laptop, but rumors state that it uses a Snapdragon 865 processor and has 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, and two USB-C ports that support PD 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.4–if the large virtual display is not enough for you.

While a Snapdragon 8-series chip is always a good choice, we’re unsure how well-optimized apps will be with Spacetop OS–which is based on Android. As for battery life, Spacetop claims 5 hours of battery life for the AR laptop–and that includes using the included AR glasses.

Should you want this unique laptop, the Spacetop is priced at $2000(~Php 111.6k) and will have a limited release of 1,000 units.

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