Momax Pills BT1 TWS Earbuds Review: The Galaxy Buds Meets Its Match

by Duey Guison  January 17, 2020

We check out Momax’s TWS offering! 

The Galaxy Buds stood out against most TWS offerings in the market as it uses a stemless, compact design that makes it more discreet than the AirPods-like design most brands are adopting. However, at Php 6,990, the Galaxy Buds aren’t exactly affordable.

There are a few alternatives to the Galaxy Buds, and the Momax Pills BT1 looks to be one of the more compelling options. It has the same compact design as the Galaxy Buds while still being more affordable than Samsung’s TWS offering. But does it cheap out on other stuff to get you its Php 2,990 price point?


-Fit is great out of the box

-Long battery life

-Physical controls way better than touch controls


-Bass can be overpowering at high volume

-No optical wear sensors—you need to pause the music manually before taking them off


Yes, they are really tiny

Like the Galaxy Buds, the Pills BT1 comes in a capsule-shaped case, where you have the Momax branding on top and a USB-C port at the back. The top cover has two small translucent windows to monitor the charging status of the earbuds.

Momax wasn’t kidding when they said that its Pills BT1 was one of the smallest and the lightest TWS earbuds in the market. Weighing at 8 grams per earbud, you can barely feel its presence once they are on your ear. Despite its diminutive size, the Pills BT1 has a great fit out of the box (and it comes with an extra set of ear tips if you want a better fit) that they remain comfortable to wear for prolonged periods. They’re sweatproof, so you can use the Pills BT1 for running and for workouts.

Despite being relatively small, the Pills BT1 excel when it comes to battery life. Using them for long jogs and at the gym for an hour or two, I get around 60% of juice left before I put the Pills BT1 back to its case. With the carrying case, I managed to continuously use the Pills BT1 for a little over a week—using them for around two hours a day—before I had to charge them via USB-C.

Physical buttons are a godsend

Instead of touch controls, both earbuds come with physical buttons. A quick press on either side pauses music and answers/ends calls, while a long press will let you go to the next track (for the right earbud) or go to the previous track (for the left earbud). Pressing either button twice lets you activate Google Assistant.

As someone who has used a variety of TWS earbuds, physical buttons are more reliable than touch controls as you are assured that the button response is accurate—no need to worry about accidental presses that can abruptly pause your music or end a call.

A small catch with the Pills BT1 is the lack of optical wear sensors. While its competitors automatically pause your music once you take them off your ear, you will need to pause your music using the Pills BT1’s buttons before taking them off.


Great audio quality for most music genres, but mind the bass

Momax advertises the Pills BT1 to deliver “HiFi premium sound”, and it does so, with a catch. Listening to a variety of music genres, the Pills BT1 performs well in bass-heavy tracks and delivers a more neutral sound with acoustic and instrumental genres.

However, you have to be mindful of the bass, as the sound quality gets muddy and distorted if you push the volume beyond 80%. To get the best sound quality out of the Pills BT1, it is best to keep the volume within 60-70%.

Verdict: Get this instead of the Galaxy Buds

If you want the compact design of the Galaxy Buds and you don’t need wireless charging, the Momax Pills BT1 is a great alternative. The Momax Pills BT1 has a great battery life, more usable physical buttons, and comes with a USB-C port—all for Php 2,990, which is more than half the price of the Galaxy Buds.

The Momax Pills BT1 is available at Digital Walker Stores.


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