Never Settle for OverPriced: Xiaomi Trolls OnePlus 6T Buyers in India

by Duey Guison  October 31, 2018

Xiaomi gave calculators to OnePlus 6T Buyers to “do the math”

As the OnePlus 6T officially launched in India yesterday, Xiaomi was in a trolling spree as it distributed calculators that have a box saying “You Do The Math”. The stunt extended through Pocophone India’s Twitter account, emphasizing that one should “Never Settle for OverPriced”.

Trolling at its finest?

The stunt was Xiaomi’s way of emphasizing that the Pocophone F1 has the same internals with the OnePlus 6T—Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 8GB RAM, and up to 256GB internal storage—while being marginally cheaper than the OnePlus 6T. For reference, the OnePlus 6T in India is priced at 37,999 Rupees while the Pocophone F1 is priced at 20,999 Rupees.

While the Pocophone F1 offers great value for money, it does so with compromises such as a polycarbonate build, conventional fingerprint scanner, and LCD display. On the other hand, the Pocophone F1 is better than the OnePlus 6T as it has a headphone jack, a bigger battery, and 3D Face unlock.

Brands trolling other brands aren’t new: Huawei has been the frontrunner with such publicity stunts, often bashing Apple and Samsung for playing it safe and not innovating that much.


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    Even though it compromises to get the price down, Poco is better, also oneplus is just a shell of what it used to be or what it stood out to be.