OPPO’s New Concept Phone Transforms using Multiple Folds

OPPO’s New Concept Phone Transforms using Multiple Folds

While OPPO wowed us at their rollable display concept last month, the Chinese brand is back with an even crazier phone concept with the slide-phone. Made in collaboration with Japanese design firm nendo, the slide-phone reimagines the folding display concept by having a total of three folds.

The idea behind the three-fold design is simple: with the first fold, you only reveal part of the display, which is ideal for checking the time and notifications. At the second fold, you have the cameras perfectly positioned for selfies, with the display being large enough as a viewfinder.

Going to the third fold, you get a phone that transforms into a portable gaming console, or into a device that is optimized for multi-tasking with up to 3 apps seamlessly. Alternatively, the slide-phone can be used as a memopad with its included stylus.

Making OPPO’s approach to slide-phone even more unique is that the function of the side buttons change depending on what mode the phone is on–that means the function of the buttons adapt to the phone’s current function.

Other features include using it as a digital clock when docked and color options for the upper part of the case for further personalization.

Aside from the slide-phone, OPPO and nendo also revealed a new approach to TWS earbuds with music-link. Initially worn as a necklace, the music-link can transform into a pair of TWS earbuds. With various accessories, the music-link can be used as a pair of sports-focused wireless earphones or a smart speaker, among other things. Like the slide-phone, the music-link also comes in different colors.

While there’s little chance that these products will be commercially available in the near future, it is very interesting to see how OPPO is experimenting with different design approaches when it comes to their products. With foldables going mainstream, it might not be long before OPPO can figure out how to incorporate a multiple fold design while not compromising on durability and reliability.

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