Philips SHL5800 Headphones Review

Philips SHL5800 Headphones Review

Philips SHL5800 Headphones - Beautifully Designed Cans!

In the Philippines Philips is known for different kinds of products. That’s why it’s easy to overlook their audio gear because people tend to associate them more with other household devices. I’m guilty of this as well because I had pretty low expectations when I was sent a demo unit of the Philips SHL5800 headphones. However the moment I started unboxing it I was blown away by the craftsmanship put into it. This is probably one of the best looking cans in it’s class!

Lightweight aluminum headband reminds me of Apple products

The headband is made from lightweight but sturdy aluminum. It definitely outclasses the boring plastic and metal we see from a lot of cans in this category. The ear cups are made from high-density memory foam which delivers great comfort. The cushions shape around the contours and curves of your ears. It also helps a lot with the isolation so that you can focus on listening to your favorite tracks.

Another interesting feature is the “tangle-free” flat cable. This reminded me of the a-Jays 4 In-ear Headphones which we reviewed a month or two ago.

I really fell in love with the design on these cans, haha ^^;

Sound Quality
How about sound quality? The Philips SHL5800 comes with 40 mm speaker drivers giving you great, clear, and powerful audio. One thing that stood out though was the bass. Philips definitely put emphasis on the bass and while this might be good for a lot of bassheads, it can sometimes be a little too overwhelming. If you’re into tracks that have lots of bass like dance, RNB, trance, and hip hop then the Philips SHL5800 might be for you. If you’re more into classics and instrument-heavy songs you might want to check other alternatives.

If I was Philips though I’d develop different kind of cans with different music emphasis types and ship them in the same build. Maybe different colors but same materials. 🙂

My wife enjoying the Philips SHL5800

The Philips SHL5800 Headphones sell here in the Philippines for Php5,299. We’re working on getting a discount from the suppliers for Unbox readers so please do check back middle of the week. We’ll update this entry if the deal pushes through!



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