You Have a Third Chance to Score a PlayStation 5 Preorder

You Have a Third Chance to Score a PlayStation 5 Preorder

If you were still unlucky during the PlayStation 5 2nd wave preorder in the Philippines last month, a third wave of preorders is happening tomorrow, February 19. Confirmed retailers include DataBlitz, iTech, Game One PH, and GameXtreme.

PlayStation 5 Preorder Philippines

Just like the first and second wave of preorders, the third wave of preorders will happen within a 5-minute window from 2:00pm to 2:05pm. Like with the previous waves of preorders, stocks remain to be very limited, so you will need to have fast reflexes AND a good internet connection to improve your chances at getting the hottest video game console of 2021.

To address the possibility of hoarding and scalping of units–the PlayStation 5 can fetch to as much as Php 60k in the resell marker as of this writing–retailers will be imposing a strict one unit per customer policy. For GameExtreme, they will cancel orders if they spot a customer preordering more than one unit using different accounts or contact details.

For DataBlitz, they are opening their 3rd wave of preorders only to those who have subscribed to their newsletter but failed to secure one during the 2nd wave. Like last time, DataBlitz will be emailing a unique link (that will only work once the clock strikes 2:00pm) to participating customers. As for Game One PH, they will be posting the link on their official social media accounts. On top of the one order per customer policy, only those who have yet secured a pre-order are eligible for the 3rd wave. The same policy applies to those who will pre-order through iTech.

Hopefully, through these new efforts, we hope that we don’t hear any reports of hoarding and ridiculous resell prices given that this is already the third PlayStation 5 preorder wave in the Philippines. If you want to save yourself from the trouble, you’re better off waiting it out until there are more units available later this year since there are only a few official PlayStation 5 games out in the market right now.

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