Pocophone F1 to Receive both Android Pie and Android Q

Pocophone F1 to Receive both Android Pie and Android Q

That’s a big promise from the brand

Pocophone’s first phone is a blockbuster for offering the best possible internals while having a price of a mid-range phone. We called it the “undisputed king of value” in our review, and we have one more reason why it is arguably the best value-for-money smartphone right now.

Beyond performance, Pocophone promises at least two major Android updates for the Pocophone F1, as confirmed by Pocophone head of product Jai Mani.

Jai Mani’s promise is a big deal considering that the Pocophone F1 is not an Android One device, yet they guarantee an update to Android Q in the future. If we analyze Mani’s response, there is a possibility that the Pocophone F1 will be updated to Android R—ensuring the longevity of the Pocophone F1 in terms of software updates.

With only a few phones receiving Android Pie as of this writing, Pocophone’s promise of both Android Pie and Android Q to the Pocophone F1 sparks hope for speedy and timely Android updates.


First Shots: Pocophone F1

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