Qualcomm Debuts New 400 and 600-Series Snapdragon Processors

Qualcomm Debuts New 400 and 600-Series Snapdragon Processors

Aims to replace the Snapdragon 425, Snapdragon 430, and Snapdragon 626

After unveiling its flagship and upper mid-range processors early this year, Qualcomm is focusing on the lower mid-range and entry-level processors with the Snapdragon 632, Snapdragon 439, and Snapdragon 429. All three boast of AI smarts, and offers native support for dual cameras to affordable phones.

The Snapdragon 429 is an entry-level quad-core processor that is 25% faster than the Snapdragon 425 while attaining 25% better energy efficiency, thanks to its 12nm FinFET architecture. It gets a major improvement in the GPU department, as it uses an Adreno 504 GPU. The new GPU claims to be 50% more powerful than the Adreno 308 GPU used in the Snapdragon 425.

Other features of the Snapdragon 429 include support for a single 16-megapixel camera or two 8-megapixel cameras and HD+ displays.

The Snapdragon 439, on the other hand, borrows the Adreno 505 GPU used in the Snapdragon 435 and supports Full HD+ displays. As for cameras, it supports either a 21MP single camera or dual 8-megapixel cameras. Its 12nm FinFET architecture makes the Snapdragon 432 25% faster and 25% more efficient than the Snapdragon 430.

The mid-range Snapdragon 632 is manufactured using the same 14nm process of the Snapdragon 626. However, it utilizes Kryo 250 CPU cores and an Adreno 506 GPU, making it 40% more powerful than the Snapdragon 626. The Snapdragon 632 supports Full HD+ displays, 4K video recording, and carrier aggregation for faster data speeds. For the camera department, the Snapdragon 632 can handle a single 24-megapixel camera or two 13-megapixel cameras.

All three processors are expected to be available by the second half of 2018.



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