REDEMPTION? OnePlus 11 Barely Survives Durability Test

REDEMPTION? OnePlus 11 Barely Survives Durability Test

OnePlus had a rather unfortunate 2022 when both the OnePlus 10 Pro and 10t failed in the durability test, snapping in half. Jerryrigeverything explained that the fiasco is possibly caused by the design of their aluminum frame. Fast forward to OnePlus 11, it seems that everything is going well for the brand–BUT will they be able to redeem themselves in the durability test?

Jerryrigeverything’s title for the OnePlus 11 durability test is “not quite back“, but don’t get us wrong: while the back glass did break during the process, the OnePlus 11 DID NOT break in half, which shows that the brand has somehow redeemed itself this time around.

Based on Jerryrigeverything’s tests, there are good and bad points about the durability of the OnePlus 11. The good points include the aluminum frame being more durable this time around–doing a good job in preventing the phone from snapping in half, along with a more resilient AMOLED display when it came to the burn test.

As for the bad points, the in-display fingerprint scanner began to malfunction when its surface was affected by deep scratches. As for the back glass, it did shatter upon the initial bend test, but at least the OnePlus 11 did not catastrophically break in half this time around.

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