Samsung Goes Desktop with the Art PC PULSE


Well here’s a surprise from smartphone manufacturer Samsung. The Korean tech titan has just put up a teaser video for an upcoming desktop product in the works, the “Art PC PULSE”. A desktop PC with the Samsung brand? Color us interested.

It’s no secret that Samsung delved into making personal¬†computers more than a decade ago, but not much has been heard from the desktop division for a long time now. Tech blog Engadget even published a piece a few years back noting Samsung’s continued interest in making desktop platforms, despite a lack of product releases.

Now, out of the blue, and probably spurred by recent Galaxy Note 7 related events, Samsung’s out to diversify their portfolio again.

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The 30-second video teaser doesn’t really show much, other than some kind of device pulsating with different colors based on a specific situation. Take a look-see and try to make sense out of it for yourself. We’d rather wait for a few more days for the official announcement.

The Art PC PULSE will be officially unveiled by Samsung next week, on October 10.

Source: SamMobile

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