Samsung Starts Teasing Galaxy S9 Camera Features

by John Nieves  February 16, 2018

Better photos through the awesome camera

Samsung’s set to launch the Galaxy S9 in Barcelona, Spain in a few weeks, and has already begun to release teaser videos that shows off the capabilities of the new camera (or cameras in the case of the leaked Galaxy S9 Plus) in their upcoming flagship.

Three videos from the company’s Korean YouTube channel show off what the Galaxy S9’s camera can potentially do. The first video is a sequence of fast moving subjects, with a slowed-down clip at the end. This seemingly confirms the rumors that the Galaxy S9 would have a super-slow mo mode for video.

The next video shows off a number of low-light scenes, which hints at the S9’s potential low-light performance. Samsung’s yearly flagship refresh has always had better low-light performance via software and low-aperture lenses (the Galaxy Note 8 had an f/1.7 aperture), so we’re expecting the same with the S9.

The last video shows off what looks to be a new customizable emoji mode, shown at the end of the video. It may be Samsung’s answer to Apple’s custom animated emojis, though again we’ll have to find out for sure once the phone is shown off by the company come Mobile World Congress.


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