Samsung Confirms Galaxy S9 and S9+ Unveiling

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S9 and S9+ Unveiling

Happening a day before MWC 2018

With much anticipation, Samsung has confirmed through all its social media channels the launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Happening on February 25–a day before MWC 2018–Samsung’s teaser poster includes the number 9 and the slogan “The Camera. Reimagined.”

The tagline confirms possible key camera features for the upcoming Galaxy S series. These include the use of a variable aperture camera, and its ability to shoot Full HD at 480FPS. Other possibilities include its take on dual rear cameras for the Galaxy S9+, along with improved low-light and bokeh capabilities.

As for specs, we are expecting 4GB RAM on the Galaxy S9 and 6GB RAM on the Galaxy S9+, along with either an Exynos 9810 or Snapdragon 845 processor. For the battery, the Galaxy S9 will have a 3000mAh battery, while the Galaxy S9+ will have a bigger 3500mAh battery.

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