Playstation Architect Mark Cerny Reveals Details on the PlayStation 5

by Duey Guison  April 17, 2019

The next-gen console will pack serious power

As everyone is waiting for the PlayStation 4’s successor, PlayStation architect Mark Cerny spoke with Wired to reveal details about the PlayStation 5. In the exclusive interview, Cerny revealed that the upcoming console will be powered by an AMD chip that is based on Ryzen’s third generation line, of which it will use AMD’s new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture. For the GPU side, the PlayStation 5 will be using a custom Radeon Navi, giving it support for ray tracing and 3D audio.

Loading times are expected to be faster since the PlayStation 5 will be using an SSD instead of HDD. With all those features, Cerny assured that the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible to the PlayStation 4, and will still accept physical media. Lastly, Cerny confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will support the current PSVR headset.

Cerny made it clear that the PlayStation 5 will not come anytime this year, so fans need to wait a little longer for it.


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