Smart LTE (4G) Uploading Test: 95MB Video to Youtube

by Carlo Ople  January 10, 2012

LTE upload test

Our latest post on the Samsung Galaxy Note LTE model launching in the US inspired us to do a quick LTE test. As you guys know we’re currently part of the beta-testing program for SMART LTE. Click here to read our initial reports. Anyway instead of measuring download speeds this time let’s do upload. How long will it take to upload a 95MB video file to Youtube? Usually that takes at least half an hour or more on regular internet connections. Let’s see what LTE can do for this particular activity.

The result? A little over 3 minutes. Definitely impressive. However note that if your area doesn’t have LTE signal then you just get the usual HSPA+ or 3G speed. At the end of the day it really boils down to how many LTE sites Smart can put up before they go commercial.

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