Samsung Galaxy Note LTE (CES 2012)

by Carlo Ople  January 10, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note LTE lands in the US

One of the things I appreciate about Samsung is that we usually get their phones first before the United States. This happened with the Samsung Galaxy S2 and it was also the same with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Good news for all of our US-based readers! The Samsung Galaxy Note was just announced on CES 2012 for AT&T. Even better news? It comes with an LTE radio!

Here’s the official photo from the press release.

Notice that they have an extra button at the bottom compared to the first model that came out. Interesting.

The only major difference really with what we have is LTE. That shouldn’t be a major issue since LTE isn’t commercially available here in the Philippines… yet. Smart is currently doing beta testing for their LTE network and so far the results have been very encouraging.

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