Smart Reveals Postpaid Plans for the iPhone XS and XS Max

Are you willing to spend?

As expected, Smart has opened their pre-orders for the iPhone XS and XS Max. Just like the official Apple Store pricing, getting the iPhone XS and XS Max via Smart will not be cheap either. In fact, it is more expensive compared to Smart’s postpaid offerings for the iPhone X last year. Check out the device cashouts per plan:

Even if you intend to get Smart’s most expensive plan (which is Plan 2999), you will need to shell out at least Php 26,400 for the 64GB iPhone XS. Since postpaid contracts are 24 months long, this would translate to you spending close to Php 100,000 (Php 98,376 to be exact) for the 64GB iPhone XS under Smart’s Plan 2999. That’s insanely expensive, considering that the official local price of the 64GB iPhone XS is Php 67,990.

For that amount of money, you are better off getting the 512GB variant of the iPhone XS Max—assuming you have enough money to buy one.

Should you go for the cheapest plan (which is 999), you’ll need to shell out Php 50,000 and pay 999 for 24 months as part of the contract, which translates to Php 73,976. For that price, you will need to add a thousand pesos to get the 64GB iPhone XS Max.

While Smart offers special pricing for its existing subscribers, it is hard to fathom at the thought of spending that much money for a phone where you can use it somewhere else instead. Even if you factor in the inclusions of each plan, it is hard to justify getting one when there are several flagships out in the market that is cheaper than the iPhone XS and XS Max.

While we might sound like a broken record, Apple’s asking price for the new iPhones is not justifiable, especially since there are other phones out there that offer better value for money like the 6-month old Huawei P20 Pro and the recently-launched Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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  1. This phone is intended for people with lots of money to burn and dont care what is the latest in mobile tech.

    Since the first iphone, i did not thought of owning overpriced low tech phone. Now this? Even if i have the money, wont still.

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