Sony Details PlayStation 5 Key Specs and Features

Sony Details PlayStation 5 Key Specs and Features

It will have full backwards compatibility with Playstation 4 games

Sony discussed key aspects of its upcoming gaming console at its deep dive discussion of the Playstation 5. Main focus points of the PlayStation 5 include a switch to SSD drives, improved CPU and GPU, and immersive audio.

For storage, Sony is switching to SSD drives, using custom NVMe M.2 SSDs that deliver at least 5.5GB/s of bandwidth. With such speeds, Sony claims that the PlayStation 5 can load 2GB of data in under half a second, which is several times faster than the 1GB per 20 seconds load time with the PlayStation 4 using hard drives. The PlayStation 5’s NVMe SSD is better on paper compared to the XBox Series X’s NVMe SSD, which has a 2.4GB/s bandwidth.

Like the XBox Series X, the PlayStation 5 will use a custom 8-core Zen 2 CPU and RDNA2 GPU, though it differs in clock speeds. While the XBox Series X runs at a maximum clock speed of 3.8Ghz (for the CPU) and 1.825Ghz (for the GPU), the PlayStation 5 runs at 3.5Ghz (for the CPU) and 2.23 Ghz (for the GPU) with variable frequency. As explained in the deep dive, the PlayStation 5’s CPU can run at a lower clock speed and allocate it to the GPU instead. The PlayStation 5 will come with 16GB GDDR6 RAM with a 448Gb/s bandwidth across the board, which is different from the XBox Series X’s configuration, where it has 10GB RAM with 560GB/s bandwidth and 6GB RAM with 36GB/s bandwidth.

With the internals, the PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with PlayStation 4 titles and support Ray Tracing. For audio, Sony promises an immersive 3D audio experience with TEMPEST 3D Audio technology.

Playstation Architect Mark Cerny Reveals Details on the PlayStation 5

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