SoundPEATS TrueFree+ TWS Earbuds Review: Quality Audio for Cheap

by Duey Guison  May 14, 2020

Should you consider this affordable pair of TWS earbuds? 

The market for wireless earphones is getting bigger as more phones lose the headphone jack. There has never been a better time to go wireless, as there are now solid options from reputable brands for every price segment.

SoundPEATS is the latest to join the budget,under Php 2k price segment with the TrueFree+. While they are wallet-friendly, the TrueFree+ offers compelling features like a charging case with a huge battery, Bluetooth 5.0, support for Hi-Res Audio, and stereo/mono modes. 

Is this a pair of budget TWS earbuds worthy of your hard-earned cash? 


-Great fit out of the box 

-Large battery on the charging case

-Decent soundstage for its price 


-Dated MicroUSB port 

-Microphone not good for calls 


That’s one thicc case 

Once you take the TrueFree+ out of the box, you will immediately notice its rather huge charging case. Aside from housing the earbuds, the case is home to an 800mAh battery that can fully charge the earbuds for up to 9 times.  

The case uses a dated MicroUSB port to top up the internal battery. While I wish it came with USB-C instead like most wearables today, we have yet to see a sub-Php 2k TWS earbuds that use the modern port. Save for two LED indicator lights, there’s no pairing button on the case—instead, pairing is done through the earbuds themselves.  

Decent ergonomics make for a great fit 

The earbuds have a pill-shaped design with silicone tips. Medium-sized silicone tips are installed by default, and you get two sets (small and large) of silicone tips for the best possible fit. Out of the box, the TrueFree+ has a great fit and decent noise isolation. Don’t expect true noise isolation though, as they do not have active noise cancellation like more expensive TWS earbuds. 

Like the Momax Pills we previously reviewed, the TrueFree+ uses physical buttons on the earbuds, which offers better controls for music and calls.  


Balanced soundstage for its price 

As one of the most affordable TWS earbuds that supports Hi-Res Audio, the TrueFree+ offers better than usual sound quality compared to similarly-priced models. The bass is not overpowering, and the mids and highs are distinguishable regardless of what music genre you are playing. 

While they offer a decent soundstage, the same cannot be said with the microphone. Using the TrueFree+ for calls, my voice was not clear enough to be understood on the recipient’s end. 

Made for long listening sessions 

As my daily driver, the TrueFree+ lasted around 4 hours before I have to place them back into the charging case. The large 800mAh battery on the charging case gives you as much as 36 hours of total use. My average use for the TrueFree+ is anywhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour and a half per day, and I have yet plugged the charging case into any outlet for over two weeks since I received them.

While it has two LEDs that light up when you charge the battery case, I wish SoundPEATS incorporated an actual battery status indicator. Having a battery status indicator is helpful for reminding you if you need to top up the charging case.  

Verdict: The ideal TWS earbuds for traveling 

For a sub-Php 2k price tag, the TrueFree+ is a compelling offering for two main reasons: the beefy charging case that lets you use the earbuds for as long as 36(!) hours, and the better-than-expected sound quality with its support for Hi-Res Audio. 

If you don’t mind the minor compromises—dated MicroUSB port and less-than-stellar microphones—the TrueFree+ is a great option if you are looking for affordable TWS Earbuds that does not scrimp on audio quality and can last you weeks of use. 

The TrueFree+ is priced at Php 1,990, but Digital Walker is offering them for an introductory price of Php 1,690. 

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    Try the bluedio t elf 2 also. Would appreciate your review on this less than 1k buds. It’s already bt 5.0, type c port, touch control including volume. Looking forward to your take on it’s sound stage. Thanks