Stupid Men, A 5T And A Galaxy Note 8: OnePlus’ New Ad is Bonkers

by John Nieves  January 25, 2018

This certainly is unique

OnePlus is looking to stir a bit of controversy, as the company’s latest promo video puts its flagship, the 5T up against the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the hands of two stupid men for a speed test.

The ad, titled OnePlus 5 – The Cactus Test, puts two stupid men and the two smartphones in a real-world speed test, with the person who manages to open 20 everyday apps gets to avoid the pain of flying cacti impacting their bodies.

Yup, you read that right – while the two men are opening the apps, they’re getting bombarded with sharp, painful cacti in different parts of their bodies. That’s more than enough incentive to open those 20 apps quickly. And since this is a OnePlus promotional video, the 5T manages the feat before their more expensive competitor.

What do you think of this oddball add from OnePlus?


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