The Dimensity 7200 is a Mid-Range CPU that Focuses on Gaming and Photography

The Dimensity 7200 is a Mid-Range CPU that Focuses on Gaming and Photography

MediaTek’s higher-end Dimensity chips have been a popular choice for phone brands as they offer great performance as compared to their Snapdragon equivalent chips. The Dimensity 8100 and 8200 are excellent chips for upper mid-range phones, and MediaTek follows that up with the Dimensity 7200 for mainstream mid-range phones.

The new mid-range chip uses a 4nm process found on the Dimensity 9200, so you are getting close to flagship performance. It’s still an octa-core CPU, utilizing a 2/6 configuration: 2 Cortex-A715 cores running at 2.8Ghz, along with six Cortex-A510 cores running at 2.0Ghz. The GPU is a Mali-G610 MC4 that’s similar to the Mali-G710 found on the Dimensity 9000 but with fewer shader cores.

The Dimensity 7200 has a new 14-bit HDR ISP that natively supports 200-megapixel cameras, 4K HDR video, and the ability to capture content from two cameras at Full HD simultaneously while keeping everything in focus. That would be an interesting feature to maximize–especially for phones that have selfie cameras with autofocus.

You also get support for UFS 3.1 storage, along with up to 144hz refresh rate on Full HD+ displays, WiFi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, and Sub-6Ghz 5G connectivity with dual SIM support.

MediaTek said that the Dimensity 7200 will be available to phones by the first quarter of 2023, and there’s a possibility that the vivo V27 might be the first phone to use it. The vanilla version of the V27 was spotted on Geekbench using an unknown processor, and the details provided there do match the technical specs of the Dimensity 7200.


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