The New PlayStation 5: Everything You Should Know

The New PlayStation 5: Everything You Should Know

After much speculation, Sony has finally revealed two new models of its PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming console.

The company is hoping to address the evolving needs of players with updated versions of the base PS5 sporting a larger 1TB SSD. Sony emphasized the new base PS5’s physical changes, specifically the claimed 30% reduction in volume compared to the original.

The base model and the PS5 Digital Edition also weigh 18% and 24% less, respectively, compared to older iterations, according to Sony.

“[O]ur engineering and design teams collaborated on a new form factor that provides greater choice and flexibility,” PlayStation Senior Director of Global Content Communications Sid Shuman said in Tuesday’s announcement of the new variants.

As the original PS5 launched nearly three years ago, new models of the system were always bound to appear due to factors such as improved manufacturing processes and advancements in technology.

The console’s predecessor, the PlayStation 4 (PS4), actually saw a near-identical development timeline as Sony introduced a slimmer base version dubbed the PS4 Slim and a more powerful PS4 Pro around three years after the original’s release.

However, those mid-life refreshes for the PS4 seem much more favorable for consumers when compared to the PS5.

While the PS4 Slim was cheaper than the original by $100 or around P5,600, the “improved” base PS5 went the opposite direction and used that amount as a markup instead, culminating in a $499(~Php 29k) price tag for the North American region.

Ignoring the claimed reduction in volume and weight, Sony is charging 25% more for an 825GB to 1TB storage upgrade. The PS5 Digital Edition will now take the $399(~Php 23k) price position of the original.

People who get this variant and later decide to get a disc drive will be happy to know that Sony will be offering an “Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive” add-on For $79.99 or around Php 4,600.

The new PS5 will be available at select U.S. retailers and the PlayStations website where available starting next month, according to Sony.

Shuman did not mention a launch date for the Asian region, but he claimed the new console “will continue to roll out globally in the following months.”

In addition to the new PS5 models, Sony also announced a $29.99 vertical stand that will be compatible with all of the system’s versions, as well as a variety of console covers that will start shipping in early 2024.

A more powerful version of the PS5, the so-called PS5 Pro, was included in rumors revolving around a slimmer console, so that is still expected to be announced.

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