Sony PS5 Pro And Slim Variants Are Coming Soon

Sony PS5 Pro And Slim Variants Are Coming Soon

With Sony’s PlayStation 5 console being on sale for awhile now, we still know a lot of people who’ve held back on buying one due to the impossibility of securing one at SRP. It makes sense since game consoles aren’t on the highest order of priority – especially during the pandemic chip shortage. However, prices were sky-high until fairly recently when they were lowered to fairer rates. Now that it’s happened though, you may want to wait a little bit. The Sony PS5 Pro and Slim could be coming soon.

What is a Pro model even? For those who remember, the PS4 also had a Pro model that released years after the vanilla model’s launch. It was exponentially more powerful and introduced gaming in 4K resolution, possibly rivaling PC gaming setups at the time. Higher frame rates were also promised. Instead of just upscaling current titles to achieve a higher resolution, Sony worked with game developers to truly create new packs and details only seen with the Pro. This incentivized people to make the purchase to see things in their favorite games that they had never seen before.

But then some may ask, the PS5 is still powerful; so what could the Sony PS5 Pro offer? It has 4K gaming at a steady 60 FPS and support for ray-tracing. We honestly don’t have any factual evidence to answer this question. But we can surmise that it will have support for 8K gaming, 4K gaming at 120 FPS, the latest generation of PSVR, and other groundbreaking features.

The more realistic one coming soon is the PS5 Slim. Admittedly, the Sony PS5 makes even the PS4 Pro look like a dwarf. It towers over anything in our setup and might even just be a hindrance for some people to store. That’s why we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony releases a smaller, slimmer version of it. We only wish that they don’t make it feel cheaper like what happened with the PlayStation 3.

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