Unboxing the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini Stick (10mbps)

Unboxing the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini Stick (10mbps)

The question that most people ask about the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini Stick (10mbps) is if it does actually live up to what it promises — 10mbps of Internet on-the-go. Several bloggers, most notably Technogra.ph, wrote articles praising the product saying that it even delivered “DSL” like speeds even if it’s not connected to the HSPA+ network. So is it really true? Well, I’ll bite the bullet for everyone. I subscribed to the postpaid plan (24 months) and I now have the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lamborghini stick here with me. Here are the unboxing photos!

Black, simple, and cool packaging
What's inside? The stick (it's big btw) and some manuals.
Sim card is given separately. It will take 24-48 hours to active. Sadness.
If you plug this in your Mac, you won't have space for the other USB slot. Yes, it's that big!

I obviously can’t give a thorough review right now since the service isn’t working yet. It should be up though in two days. I’ll spend the rest of the week testing it out in different parts of Metro Manila. Here are the places I usually visit: Novaliches, Katipunan, Manila, Ortigas, San Juan, Fort Bonifacio, and Makati. Let’s see if this thing can survive the Unbox road test! >:D

Click here to read our first post about the Globe Tattoo Tonino Lambo Stick.

PS: Will get the SMART LTE Dongle once it also becomes available. Will give that or this one to the wife. 🙂

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