Win Autographed Stephen Curry Merch With Vivo’s Grand Christmas Giveaway

Other prizes include Vivo gift items and a Vivo V7 and V7+

The holiday celebrations is not yet over, as Vivo will be raffling off Stephen Curry-signed merch this Christmas with its Grand Christmas Giveaway promo. Ongoing until January 6, Vivo’s latest promo is open to everyone, including non-V7 and V7+ users. Here’s a peek at what is at store:

To join the contest, participants should do the following:

  1. Take a selfie using a Vivo V7/V7+ smartphone and use the Watermark Feature. Those not using a V7/V7+ may join by visiting any Vivo Concept Store and approach a Vivo personnel to be assisted in joining the promo.
  2. Write a short message containing your wish for your fellow Filipinos this Christmas season.
  3. Upload your selfie and message on the Vivo mini-site and share your entry on Facebook. Participants may submit multiple entries, provided that the selfie image and Christmas message are unique from his/her previous entries.
  4. Please be reminded that 1) Uploading and voting is open until 5:00 PM of every Friday, and 2) An entry is only eligible to win in the contest week it was uploaded on.
  5. A weekly draw will be conducted every week with the following prizes up for grabs:
    1. The entry with the most number of likes will win the Grand Prize.
    2. For minor prizes, entries will be chosen randomly.


List of prizes is as follows:

Daily: Any exclusive Vivo item, which includes a Vivo bag, a Vivo basket, or a Vivo fan.

Week 1: Autographed Stephen Curry ball, Vivo V7+, Vivo V7 as first, second, and third prizes respectively

Week 2: Autographed Stephen Curry Jersey, Vivo V7+, Vivo V7 as first, second, and third prizes respectively

Week 3: Autographed Stephen Curry Under Armour shoes, Vivo V7+, Vivo V7 as first, second, and third prizes respectively


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