Xiaomi Wins Dispute Against US Government

After being included in the US Military blacklist for allegedly being a “Communist Chinese Military Company”, Xiaomi filed a lawsuit shortly after the US announcement. Fast forward to roughly two months later, a court decision was released, where Xiaomi wins its dispute against the US government.

This marks a big victory for Xiaomi, as it was able to reverse the dispute unlike with what happened to ZTE, Huawei, WeChat, and TikTok. The ruling was made by US District Judge Rudolph Contreras, and the decision temporarily removes Xiaomi from the US military blacklist, adding that that move deprived the Chinese company of due process. “The court is somewhat skeptical that weighty national security interests are actually implicated here,” Contreras wrote in his decision regarding the matter.

In a statement sent to us, Xiaomi said that it is delighted to hear the news. Here is Xiaomi’s statement:

“Xiaomi reiterates that it is a widely held, publicly traded, independently managed corporation that offers consumer electronics products solely for civilian and commercial use.”

“Xiaomi believes that the decisions of designating it as a Chinese Communist Military Company are arbitrary and capricious, and the judge agrees with it. Xiaomi plans to continue to request that the court declare the designation unlawful and to permanently remove the designation.”
“Xiaomi is a young and energetic technology company. Over the years, we have offered amazing consumer electronics products such as smartphones and smart TVs with honest prices to consumers all over the world. We are committed to working with our global partners to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology.”

While the dispute win against the US government translates to a temporary halt of the ban, Xiaomi is working on to push for a permanent removal of its inclusion on the US Military blacklist.

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