We Try Out this New App That’s Basically an Instagram Copycat

We Try Out this New App That’s Basically an Instagram Copycat

After Meta tried to copy Twitter with Threads, TikTok owner ByteDance had something similar in mind when they rolled out Whee on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

According to the app description, Whee aims to “capture and share real-life photos that only your friends can see, allowing you to be your most authentic self”. Screenshots of the app shared on the Play Store listing further confirm that it is an Instagram copycat–specifically a copycat of Instagram’s early days, where the primary focus of the app was to share photos.

We gave Whee a try, and the app feels very basic, only offering a messaging list, and a create post where you can either take a photo on the spot or upload from your photo library, and your feed. Unlike Instagram, you only get a regular feed that you scroll upon.

What makes it different from Instagram is that you simply post photos on your feed–the only way you can put captions is by adding a comment. Save from that, it’s similar to X (formerly known as Twitter) where you can like, share, or comment on a photo.

Creating an account is done by linking your TikTok account (similar to how your Threads account is linked to your Instagram account), and you can add contacts from those you know from TikTok. There’s not that much to do with the app for now, and it remains to be seen if ByteDance has other plans for this Instagram copycat app.

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