Cherry Home Releases Smart Weighing Scale With Health Features

Cherry Home Releases Smart Weighing Scale With Health Features

Cherry Home has been exploring different kinds of products as of late, earning their very own weird things article. This gives their lineup a quirky uniqueness that not many others have. These aren’t sold just for the sake of being sold though; surprisingly enough, this seemingly random selection all fits perfectly into one’s lifestyle. Now they’re back at it again with their latest Smart Weighing Scale and Ceiling Fan. Let’s go into each to see what they’re about.

The Cherry Home Smart Weighing Scale is designed to be your trusty companion in life. It’ll always be honest with you, providing accurate readings, and it will want to get to know you before it makes any forms of advice. Users need to input some information about themselves, then derivative calculations like BMI, bone, and muscle mass will be synchronized with the mobile application.

Through the application, you’ll receive diet recommendations, progress reports, workout reminders, and even remind you if your water level is low. Did we forget to mention that its minimalistic 6mm tempered glass construction helps it blend in anywhere? At Php 1,499 it’s certainly a bargain.

Releasing along with this Smart Weighing Scale is the Cherry Home ceiling fan. It’s a practical device that you may need to ward off the incoming summer heat. Cherry claims that its 3 metal blades gives it durability and its white color provides a lowkey appearance for any sort of room. On days that you don’t need an extremely strong gust of wind, you can choose a lower fan speed from the 3 options available. This essential comes in at just Php 1,990.



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