DITO Launches Super Core Data Center in Batangas

DITO Launches Super Core Data Center in Batangas

Through the help of ZTE Corp., DITO successfully launched its Super Core Data Center in Batangas. It’s a state-of-the-art data center that will improve local digital infrastructure and enhance data services. 

DITO Launches Super Core Data Center in Batangas

According to ZTE President Wan Min, this is the first Tier-III data center in the Philippines with “the most advanced industry innovation technology.”

“It will also become the first uptime tier-III data center in the Philippines. By adhering to energy conservation and emission reduction, it has achieved lower power usage effectiveness with an intelligent energy management system, which is efficient and environmentally friendly,” he said.

The design of the data center focuses on the security of network transmission through resiliency against natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes.

“We can regard the DITO Super Core Data Center as the heart of the body. Only a safe and healthy beating heart can support the business. The data center adopts the advanced and innovative technology in the industry. Through its multiple-level protections, the data center is truly reliable,” Wan Min said.

Compared to the traditional data center featuring multiple interfaces, complex procedures and long construction period, the DITO Super Core Data Center employs ZTE’s micro-module solution, which is modular and standardized. Multiple modules can be installed in parallel, enabling the delivery time to be shortened by 60 percent.

According to the company, this launch solidifies their commitment to provide world-class telecommunication services to Filipinos and boost digital transformation in the Philippines.

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