PSP Comeback? Sony Reportedly Working on New PlayStation Handheld

PSP Comeback? Sony Reportedly Working on New PlayStation Handheld

It has been a while since the PlayStation Vita tried to replicate the success of the PlayStation Portable–but failed to live up to the hype, and eventually being phased out in 2019. Since then, portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch has seen a considerable success—even ASUS wants to dip its toes into the handeld gaming segment with the ROG Ally. Sony views this as an opportunity to come up with a new PlayStation handheld console—but it’s not exactly a Vita successor.

According to a report by Insider Gaming, the upcoming PlayStation handheld, codenamed Q Lite, is meant to work together with the PlayStation 5 via Remote Play—and will need an internet connection. The design of the said console is based on the DualSense Controller—but adds an 8-inch LCD display in the middle. The display will reportedly handle Full HD gaming at 60FPS—which is far from the promised 120hz refresh rate of the ROG Ally.

Like the DualSense controller, the upcoming PlayStation Handheld will have adaptive triggers. As a portable console, it will have speakers, volume controls, and even an audio jack if you prefer wired earphones.

As to when this PlayStation handheld will see the light of day, Insider Gaming said that it’s currently in the QA phase and is expected to debut before the much-awaired PlayStation 5 Pro.

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