Razer And Lazada Teaming Up?

Razer And Lazada Teaming Up?

What will this mean for the brand?

Razer CEO and Creative Director recently met up with Lazada Group CEO Max Bittner in Singapore. In an Instagram post, Ming captioned the moment when the two CEOs met with “Min meet Max. Max meet Min. Had a great time at @lazada_sg meeting with Max and the team. Thanks for hosting me! Lots of big ideas!”

While neither Lazada nor Razer has announced anything as of yet, the meetup could mean bigger things for Razer in the online shopping space. Maybe a dedicated store? If so, that would be awesome news for Razer fans, as there’s still currently quite a gap in product announcements for the company until their new gear is actually stocked in stores here in the Philippines.

Razer already has a physical store here in the Philippines, where gamers can already touch and try the company’s products. A dedicated online store will allow people even in the far flung provinces to order and enjoy Razer products whenever and wherever they are, which is a win-win for everyone.

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