Rumor: Razer Set to Work On A Smartphone for Hardcore Gamers

Rumor: Razer Set to Work On A Smartphone for Hardcore Gamers

Earlier in the  year, Nextbit joined the Razer family and, soon after, thoughts of a Razer smartphone were floated by members of the media and techies around the world. Well, it looks like a Razer branded smartphone may be in the pipeline and a report says that it will mostly likely be targeted at hardcore mobile gamers.

Razer Inc. is shooting for a Hong Kong initial public offering that could value the gaming gear maker at as much as $5 billion and help fund development of its own mobile phone, people familiar with the matter said.

The report comes from Bloomberg as Razer Inc. shoots for an Initial Public Offering in Hong Kong that could help fund the gamer gear maker’s smartphone and many of their other products. So far, there are no official statements from Razer, so we’ll take this with a grain of salt. It does seem that all the pieces are falling together as the company seeks a valuation of $5 Billion, which is a lot of money to throw around for R&D for new devices and that shiny mobile device meant for gaming.

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