YouTube has a New Way of Punishing Users of Ad Blockers

YouTube has a New Way of Punishing Users of Ad Blockers

If you think YouTube is content with its ways of prohibiting ad blockers, the streaming giant has new ways of annoying users who continue to use ad blockers–and forcing them to subscribe to YouTube Premium instead.


Over at Reddit, user SDHD4K shared that YouTube’s new tactic of annoying users of ad blockers involves skipping the playback of the video you want to watch entirely. Check out his video post below:

That’s just one example of YouTube’s many new tactics in combatting ad blockers: Other Reddit users report that videos may experience missing audio once the video streaming platform detects an ad blocker is used. While users can adjust the volume, it reverts to mute until the user disables their ad blocker.

While not everyone may experience the same thing, YouTube’s crackdown against ad blockers is more of a cat-and-mouse game, as not all ad blockers are affected by their tactics. In all honesty, we don’t find any reason for people to not get YouTube Premium: for just Php 159/month, you get a bunch of perks beyond ad-free watching: you can download videos on the go, watch in high-bitrate 1080p resolution, play videos in the background, and even enjoy ad-free audio listening through YouTube Music–which has arguably better quality than Spotify.


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