Our Top 5 Favorite Jollibee Videos That Went Crazy Viral

Our Top 5 Favorite Jollibee Videos That Went Crazy Viral

Jollibee has been dominating the digital world with their back-to-back viral video hits. What started as random dance-offs caught by people in streets with their camera phones has evolved into a viral franchise with the “Kwentong Jollibee” series. The Valentine’s installment which aired earlier this year was a massive success as it reaped tens of millions of views from all around the world while driving sales for Jollibee.

They’ve set the bar pretty high and we’re curious to see how they will top their previous hits in the coming months ahead. We’ve compiled our top 5 favorite viral Jollibee videos so far and we look forward to adding to this list (excited to see what they have for Christmas 2017 and Valentine’s 2018).

Jollibee vs G Force Dance Off

The video is rather long but it racked up millions of views on Facebook and YouTube. It’s Jollibee against the teacher of G Force, Teacher Georcelle in a dance-off.

Kwentong Jollibee: Almusal

My personal favorite Kwentong Jollibee.

Anthony Bourdain Tries Jollibee

Videos like this make Filipinos proud of the quality of food that Jollibee offers.

Kwentong Jollibee: Crush

My second favorite Kwentong Jollibee video!

JolliDance Showdown: Jollibee and Upeepz

Jollibee and the World Hip Hop Champions.

The videos have helped catapult Jollibee into a digital storytelling leader. They recently shared the infographic below which shows how far they are compared to competition in their industry when it comes to mentions and engagement online.

Outranking all other QSR brands, Jollibee garnered a 37% share of
engagement on Facebook from January to June 2017 according to online content
assessment tool Community Plus. Social media intelligence tool Thoughtbuzz also
reveals that the brand registered 1.5 million mentions across digital platforms,
almost triple that of its competitors in the same period, to become the #1 most
talked about QSR brand in the Philippines.

What’s Next?

Suffice to say they’ve got the digital storytelling nailed down and buttoned up. The only thing missing is a solid, working, and reliable mobile delivery app combined with loyalty and rewards. That app/website coupled with the non-stop onslaught of viral videos will truly cement their digital leadership for the years to come.

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