Cole Haan Philippines Launches the ZeroGrand and it is Out-of-this-World!

by Colin Chan  August 16, 2014

(with additional reporting by Jamie Inocian and additional photos from Alcs Porras & from Ms. Gwen Ruais’ page)

Finally, they’re here! The quintessential men’s footwear from Cole Haan has arrived on Philippine shores and was invited to cover the event.

Zero Title

The local launch for the much revered ZeroGrand happened last August 14, 2014 at PowerPlant Mall, Rockwell. It started off with an intimate media gathering where the good folks from 128 Dream Foundation Corporation, the guys who brought in a whole slew of premium clothing, travel and lifestyle brand (Cole Haan included), showed us step-by-step the features of the new shoe.

Mr. Jeff Paulino, Business Unit Director, gives the opening remarks
Mr. Jeff Paulino, Business Unit Director, gives the opening remarks

Business Unit Director, Jeff Paulino, explained the philosophy behind the ZeroGrand and why it is the heir-apparent to the Cole Haan’s very iconic LunarGrand. Utilizing the same idea of making a footwear that is unbelievably light and comfortable, the ZeroGrand pushes the envelope in adding natural movement to its list of benefits. With a somewhat Nike-Free-looking sole, the ZeroGrand brings together futuristic innovation with old-world craftsmanship. The video below should shed some light into the intricacies that go into designing a shoe such as this.



Coming in at only 290 grams per shoe, the ZeroGrand is the lightest and most flexible shoe Cole Haan has ever created. That’s as light or lighter than some of the shoes used for long distance running; to put in terms of gadgets, a full pair is just a little heavier than an iPad Air. It has also been made with fewer parts that equate to fewer seams that give a natural, relaxed body that makes the ZeroGrand feel nearly non-existent on the foot.

We tried it...and it felt amazing! O_o
We tried it…and it felt amazing! O_o


Together with the ZeroGrand is the launch of Cole Haan’s new cushioning and comfort platform called the Grand OS. It is an “operating system” for the feet that deliver greater flexibility, reduced weight, and increased cushioning. These are achieved through engineered insoles, outsoles, liners and uppers that move with each step.

The Grand OS gives tremendous flexibility and cushioning for your feet.
The Grand OS gives tremendous flexibility and cushioning for your feet.

The ZeroGrand combines centuries-old broguing details with biomechanics, modern details, and today’s manufacturing methods; the ZeroGrand defines the future in three simple understated words: Mass, Make, and Motion.

Pop-Up Party! :)
Pop-Up Party! 🙂


Ladies and gentlemen, the ZeroGrands. Bow.
Ladies and gentlemen, the ZeroGrands. Bow.

After an intimate media event, we were invited to an after-party of sorts inside the Cole Haan PowerPlant store. The store, it seemed, had been adequately transformed into a cozy mini lounge of sorts where the who’s-who of Metro Manila came in to celebrate.

Celebrities and known personalities alike took notice of Cole Haan’s newest offerings, some trying their feet on a couple of Lunar or ZeroGrands.

Style Icons Tim Yap, Alcs Porras, Gwen Ruias and David Semerad sporting some Cole Haan wares! :)
Style Icons Tim Yap, Alcs Porras, Gwen Ruais and David Semerad trying on some Cole Haan wares! 🙂

If this means anything, it simply shows the type of market that Cole Haan wants to attract. It panders to the fashion-forward and sophisticatedly mobile people. To quote the Chief Marketing Officer of Cole Haan USA, David Maddocks: “The outstanding thing about the ZeroGrand is the fact that it is highly engineered, yet beautifully designed and crafted. Cole Haan has compromised nothing. It’s stealth. It’s sleek. It’s the perfect complement to a modern, slim-cut suit – in a way that says: I mean business, but not business as usual.”

Just to add a little bit of zing to the event, we were treated to a relaxing lounge-music mix from fashion-icons turned DJ, the Zombettes (Sanya Smith and Ornusa Cadness).

Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith adds a symphony to the night!
Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith add  symphony to the night!

All-in-all it was a pretty fun night for everyone who attended (apparently the party is free to the public as well as the regular clienteles walked in, had a drink or two and bought a couple ZeroGrands).

The ZeroGrand is available starting August 14, 2014 at Cole Haan PowerPlant, Glorietta 4 and Shangri-La Plaza branches and priced at Php 13,400.00 for the non-suede version and Php 15,800.00 for the suede version (not bad considering US priced them at $248 and $268 respectively).

These buttery reverse full-grain suede make these Zerogrand look amazingly good!
These buttery reverse full-grain suede make these Zerogrand look amazingly good!

To get more info and updates about the ZeroGrands and the latest Cole Haan offerings head over to their Official Facebook Page and ADD them up!


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    I don’t get this ugly design. If you’re going to wear closed shoes, why would you want your skin or socks shown? Looks like an expensive croc shoes to me.

    damn.. these shoes looks like the ones worn by my grandfather.. and before people would say it doesn’t look good.. today there’s just one word.. UGLY..

    Binabalik nila sa uso ung dating design ng shoes. I like the idea of using Nike Free soles pero sana may ibang styles pa

    I think that’s eventually going to follow. It’s similar to how the Lunargrands started. Yung upper nila Oxford wingtips (which is stylistically a brogue) pero yung sole is the Nike Lunarlon. And now the Lunargrands has expanded to have penny loafer tops, boot-type tops, chukkas, heck even monk shoes. So in the same way, perhaps later, we might start seeing other iterations of the ZeroGrand. 🙂

    Personally, I like the idea that they stretched back to the how brogue shoes initially appeared — yung may totoong may mga butas. It shows that they company really knows its footwear history and pays huge homage to it at the same time pushing the envelope of what can be traditionally accepted as a footwear.

    Remember that brogue shoes pre-dates the modern oxford wingtips, long wings, etc– things that other shoe company, whether foreign or local, are using. And it being ZeroGrand, I’d like to think na when they were initially planning this thing the guys at the design department said to themselves “Okay, what’s the one shoe that made all of this modern-shoe design possible? Let’s go with that since we are starting from zero.” Medyo exciting lang ung idea behind it. 🙂

    And true, functional broguing, in the city, is pretty impractical — but then isn’t that what makes fashion, well, fashionable? 😉

    @colin. Agree
    @negative commenters. It’s about looking good and in comfort. Classic design never goes out of style. And yah, if you don’t know where you’re going to wear these then they’re not meant for you.

    Great looking shoes for tropical countries, at that.