Cole Haan launches ZeroGrand

by Colin Chan  July 9, 2014

Their designs have been replicated, modified, even blatantly copied by competitors wanting to get a piece of the now very robust men’s casual footwear market ever since the launch of their innovative LunarGrand series back in 2012.

Notice how Sketchers blatantly copies ColeHaan's LunarGrand. Quality-wise though the Lunars are far more superior.
Notice how Sketchers blatantly copies ColeHaan’s LunarGrand. Quality-wise, though, the Lunars are far more superior.

Cole Haan’s partnership with Nike has been so good that even after Nike sold the company to Apax Partners Worldwide LLP years back, Cole Haan has still been using Nike tech for their top-of-the-line collection. The design speaks volumes for this partnership as witnessed with the LunarGrand series – creating a stark juxtaposition of old and new design as well as ensuring classic gentleman shoe form with amazing ergonomic function.

After churning out various iterations of the LunarGrand collection – from colorful suede, perforated leather, and even a limited edition Gold and Silver top, Cole Haan is pushing the envelope once again with the announcement (and international launch) of their latest innovation: the ZeroGrand.

Back then, Nike’s “big thing” was their LunarGlide collection. This year, Cole Haan decided to focus on one of Nike’s top selling series – the Nike Free as its base sole.

Behold its awesomeness!
Behold its awesomeness!

Designed for ultimate comfort & flexibility with the Nike Free sole, Cole Haan is committed in creating lightweight footwear to free any stress that your foot may encounter. This means that wearing Oxfords won’t be such a chore anymore – not that it ever was with the LunarGrands.

The Nike-Free sole ensures maximum comfort and flexibility -- on a casual oxford!
The Nike-Free sole ensures maximum comfort and flexibility — on a casual oxford!

Weighing approximately 290 grams, this is ColeHaan’s lightest footwear yet. In fact, according to the website, this shoe rivals footwear once reserved for long distance runners. Wew!

Secretly hoping the shoe lights up too (obviously it won't). :D
Secretly hoping the shoe lights up too (obviously it won’t). 😀

Currently the ZeroGrand is priced at $248-268 and only available abroad but we’ve reached out to Cole Haan Philippines and we’ll give you guys an update on when this amazing collection hit our shelves locally. For now, you can visit the USA website and drool over these babies.

The ZeroGrand is available in Full-Grain Suede or No-Stitch Broque Leather.

For more on the Cole Haan ZeroGrand, visit:

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    so is this the new crocs? WTF is that? this looks like a bastard child of a running shoe and a school shoe. LOL.

    Actually Johaness, a lot of people had that same “NEGATIVITY” when Cole Haan released a pic of LUNARGRANDS way back 2012… the rest is history.

    Wow! never heard of this one before. I used to wonder why shoe makers never made a mainstream leather shoe with a rubber sole. For me who likes to walk a lot during workdays this shoe is a godsend! Here’s hoping Cole Haan really does release this shoe in our shores. Say goodbye to blisters from walking using those nasty leather soled shoes!